Common Bikes

The following bike types are the most common you'll see out in the world, and what Northstar deals most with. The best way to know what type of bike is best for you is to take a few different styles out for a test ride. Click through to learn more and visit our shop to get riding!
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Hybrid & City Bikes
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Hybrid & City bikes can come in a wide variety of flavors. They all share the common theme of a flat handlebar and simple operation. They can range from a very upright, "comfy-cruisy" experience to more forward performance oriented setup and every set in between.

Different styles will geared towards light off road bike paths or strictly pavement. Hybrids are prefect for your after dinner family ride or if you are looking to dip your toes in the world of cycling.

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Road Bikes
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Road bikes are bicycles designed to take you as far and as fast as your legs can manage on paved surfaces. They are designed to be light, fast, and aerodynamic. They offer a stiffer ride in a lower stance, that results in more speed.

The make use of "dropped" handlebars, and are great looking for those to add more distance than what's possible on their hybrids, while taking the next level on their training and endurance.

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Gravel Bikes
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Gravel bikes are leveled-up hybrid bikes, made to work in all different conditions, but incorporate some of the endurance and aerodynamic improvements of road bikes and the wider, grippier tires of mountain bikes.

Gravel bikes are best for those who incorporate different types of terrain into their rides while still pushing for speed and endurance. They are popular for bikepacking and long-distance rides, gravel trails, and for those who want a bike more variable terrain than what a road bike would allow for.

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Mountain Bikes
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Mountain bikes are built for off-road speed. The usually have dynamic suspension, meaning the frame can absorb impact and terrain changes either in the front forks or under the seat. They feature large, grippy tires, flat handle-bars, and strong frames.

Mountain bikes can come in a huge range of styles depending on which type of trials you want to conquer, anything from light double track to full downhill send it mode.

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Electric Bikes
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Electric bikes - also abbreviated to E-bikes - are bicycles with an electric motor that can be used for assistance on the road. E-bikes use rechargeable batteries, and come in a variety of types that mirror the other types listed here.

E-bikes aren't just for the older crowd! They take whatever type of riding you like to do and extended your range. If your normal ride is 5-10 miles you can double it using the same effort, expanding your experience.

Special & Less Common Bikes

The following bike types are less common, and are for more specialized use cases. Northstar Bike's experts can work with you to determine if and when they are right for you.
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Fat Bikes

A fat bike is a bicycle with very wide tires. They are usually geared up for off-road adventure riding and bikepacking.

Originally designed to be ridden on sand and snow, the massive contact patch between tires and ground enables fat bikes to float on top of soft terrain, where other bikes quickly sink and become stuck.

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Cargo Bikes

A cargo bike is a bicycle that allows you to carry cargo (or heavy loads) easily; this might be children or pets, your weekly shopping, furniture, your weekly veg box delivery, or anything else.

Cargo bikes generally feature a longer wheelbase than a traditional bike, a sturdy frame and either a box or flatbed with rear or front-loading capacity.

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BMX Bikes

Bicycle Motocross (BMX) bikes are typically based around 20in wheels, feature a rigid frame & fork, high-rise handlebars, and a single cassette gear.

The sport has two distinct genres – racing and freestyle. Racing involves time trials and races around a circuit, and freestyle involves tricks and bike handling.

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Triathlon Bikes

As implied by the name, triathlon bikes are used for triathlons. They are super aerodynamic and stable, having the saddle more forward, nearly over the pedals, and the bars lower.

Tri-bikes are designed to reduce individual drag, since drafting is not allowed in many triathlons. It is a more specialized version of a road bike that is designed for experienced riders and athletes.

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Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are built on the notion of portability and reduced footprint. As the name implies, the main frame of the bike can "fold", considerably reducing the bike size while not riding it.

They are great for individuals living in small apartments or who bike to work and need to keep it with them. You will find them mostly in cities for transportation purposes.

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Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bicycles offer a reclined seating position, where the rider’s back is supported, and their legs are extended forward to reach the pedals. Recumbent bicycles have a lower center of gravity, which can make them more stable and comfortable to ride for longer periods.

They can be preferred by people who have back, neck, or shoulder pain, as it alleviates pressure on those areas. Additionally, they can be easier on the wrists and hands, being a good choice for riders with wrist or hand issues.

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